Be On Top Of Your Money

Manage your money the easy way. Categorize it, check your cash flow, earnings and expenses in charts on the fly.

Project Your Money

With our efficient dashboard, you can easily check where your money is going. We can help you make strategic decisions about your finances, so you can watch your cashflow and balances grow faster than ever.

Financial charts in a computer

Keep Track Of Your Transactions

Don't lose control of your financial life. We have the perfect tool for you to track all of your transactions in one place. You can create multiple banking accounts, separate your transactions in different categories, and visualize and search them on the fly.

Transaction list in an iPhone

Your Data is Private Here

We take security very seriously. We won't use your information or sell it to anyone. We are really 100% free! Besides, all data exchange with us is done through a very secure SSL 128 bits protocol, making it invisible to anyone else in the Internet.

Public API

If you are developer and just want to use our infrastructure, you are in the right place! We have an public API just waiting for you! Please contact us to learn how.